From Cost-Analysis of New Business Opportunities to their Implementation, PlanningForce Can Help You Manage Your Business’s Value Chain in New Ways.

Lean Management and the Value Chain

Lean Management features that Empower ERP Systems

PlanningForce is Lean Manufacturing Software that synchronizes the flow of information with decision-making and execution, helping you harness the full potential of your business, in the precise areas where other basic-function applications fall short.
A Model

Our model defines operations, incoming and outgoing data, constraints, processes, required reporting, actors, levels of authority, decision-making cycles and more.

Modèle de données
A Calculation Engine

PlanningForce’s APS engine optimizes the flow of operations, thanks to algorithms that combine long-term strategic objectives with short-term constraints.

Our engine is unique in that it calculates a global optimum. Performance is improved at each and every step along the way, through better planning and overall distribution of tasks.

Lean Manufacturing Software - Advanced planning and scheduling solution to plan your projects and resources
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A Data System

PlanningForce’s web services and API (Application Programming Interface) open intelligent gateways linking the different entities of your business’s information system.

plan and schedule resources from erps

How is Your Business Losing Money?

Without optimization, your business is losing money in more ways than one.
Acting in isolation, individuals and services sincerely believe they are doing the best job they can.
A look at the big picture, however, reveals that your colleagues’ hard work – and your investments – could be achieving more!
  • Less than optimal use
    of your resources
  • R & D cycles that are
    too long and costly
  • Too many errors and
    too much waste
  • Disappointing
    sales performance
  • Constantly
    changing priorities
  • Inflated structural
    and training costs
  • Too much money frozen
    in working capital
  • Excessive penalties
    and legal fees

Leading-Edge Businesses Choose our Lean Manufacturing Sofware.

Medium-sized and large firms at the leading edge of Lean Management practices have chosen PlanningForce
to help them optimize their value chain. Here is what they are saying:
  • Bridgestone Europe Chose PlanningForce
    to Optimize its Strategic Planning

    “PlanningForce gave us a clear picture how we should plan our industrialization processes.”
  • Lefort Chose PlanningForce
    to Guide its Design and Production Processes

    “During an ISO audit by Vinçotte, PlanningForce was identified as one of the strong points.”
  • INASEP Chose PlanningForce
    to Oversee its Projects and Manage Requisitions

    “PlanningForce serves to develop realistic scheduling and as a communications

Return On Your Investment. Let's Do The Numbers.

Gains in performance as reported by our clients clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of PlanningForce’s tools and methodology.
  • Increased Productivity of Operational Resources


  • Increase in Time Devoted to Strategic Management


  • Decrease in the Average Cost of Production


  • Decrease in New Product Time-to-Market


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