About Lundbeck

The department is charged with conducting all regulated, small-molecule biological testing in the service of R & D. The scientists working in this department are organized into project teams managed by 8 project leaders.

The role of project leader is supported by company scientists; they launch projects based on existing models. These projects represent a large portion of research studies (up to 50), spanning from a few months to several years.

The studies consist of well-defined sequences, tasks and benchmarks. The situation is complex because of the large number of tasks and the fact that they must rely on studies supervised by other departments or by external research organizations.

"PlanningForce is sufficiently agile to be able to find a solution to every problem"

Lundbeck’s Challenge

The number of projects and studies was growing year by year and since 2009 the department of biological testing had been trying to find a management solution for these projects and resources so as to be able to handle them more efficiently.

Lundbeck’s Choice

After having tested different planning solutions, PlanningForce was chosen as the one solution up to the challenge of resolving the complexity of their planning processes.

Strong points mentioned by Lundbeck

  • An improved planning process
  • Better management and ability to plan short-term orders
  • A shared planning platform


Implementation took place in two phases.

Phase 1 consisted in setting up tactical planning. During this phase, focus was on the optimization of laboratory tasks (short-term tasks carried out by laboratory technicians and machines). Comprehensive scheduling was organized by a steering committee, was validated by all the project leaders at weekly meetings.

Phase 2 consisted in deploying tactical planning throughout the entire team using the company web platform so that resources could get to their tasks and could display the progression of tasks and projects in real time.


Today, approximately 175 studies and 5,000 tasks are managed and scheduled with PlanningForce.

A steering committee and 8 project leaders use PlanningForce to schedule both resources and equipment for the entire biological testing department.

Today, the biological testing department is able to:

  • Align scheduling with company strategy
  • Deliver and bring projects to completion on schedule
  • Optimize how resources are allocated
  • Identify available resources
  • Optimize forecasting for management’s use
  • Identify peaks in demand
  • Reduce the stress of those we work with

Some Statistics on Lundbeck

Workforce 6,000
Reach 57 countries

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