About OTIS

Otis, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, is the world’s leader in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of operators, escalators, moving sidewalks and horizontal transportation systems.

In Belgium, OTIS is one of three leading companies in this market.

"In my view, the heart of a planning tool is its ability to provide efficient automatic steering and I am now a firm believer in PlanningForce's calculation engine."

OTIS’ Challenge

As company CIO for the Benelux zone (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), Mr. Faurie supervises an IT team whose members are located throughout the zone’s many regions. In spite of the distances separating him from his colleagues, Mr. Faurie seeks to guide his teams effectively as they carry out their tasks and manage their work.

He occasionally faces large projects requiring more than 20 employees who must first be mobilized and then supervised in all three of the Benelux countries at the same time. The tools Mr. Faurie had at his disposal were simply inadequate to allow him to steer the organization efficiently and confidently.

OTIS' Choice

Aiming to solve these problems, Otis began to look for a new planning solution, one that stood out from the standard tools available on the market.

And so Otis discovered PlanningForce, whose methods – both in terms of planning and team coordination – immediately caught the eye of company leaders.


Implementation took no more than a few weeks, Mr. Faurie having opted for PlanningForce's SaaS version.

PlanningForce was called into action in particular in order to plan the replacement of ERP systems and related software. The project was planned and carried out country by country. PlanningForce greatly facilitated the “steering-at-a-distance” of these large-scale projects.

The cycle and frequency of PlanningForce's involvement varies according to the type of project being carried out. The most important projects call for a weekly cycle. In all other cases the cycle is longer, often monthly or bimonthly.

Steering is an integral part of PlanningForce’s methodology. Thanks to PlanningForce, Mr. Faurie can now steer his teams efficiently. PlanningForce also makes it possible to organize work more systematically and rationally. Monitoring is extremely visual, and anomalies can be identified without delay.

"To some, the projects that we have to handle may seem like insurmountable challenges. They are the ones to whom we have to be able to show the way forward, more than to the others. To me, PlanningForce is very much my guide in performing this task."

Thanks to PlanningForce, it was very easy to guide them step by step. Moreover, thanks to monitoring tools that make it extremely easy to see what is happening, any problems that might surface as projects were being carried out could be spotted immediately.


Benefits cited

  • A powerful calculation engine that allows coordinating activities optimally, but also realistically
  • PlanningForce lets you simultaneously steer projects and guide those assigned to work on them
  • PlanningForce facilitates communication, both about the plan itself as well as how it is progressing over time.

Some Statistics on OTIS

Service Base More than 1.8 million elevators and escalators serviced worldwide
Countries Products offered in more than 200 countries and territories

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