Preparing to “go live”

What it is

We carry out the tasks that will get the new solution up and running.

How it happens

We migrate existing data into the new system.

We conduct tests under real operating conditions in order to validate:

  • The results of the planning process
  • Performance (speed)
  • Data integrity in the different systems
  • Process efficiency

We also prepare and customize user manuals and training materials, as well as the data used in training.

We conduct master user training sessions.

We run training sessions for other user categories and/or we work alongside internal trainers as they carry out this task

What we deliver
  • We migrate all data
  • We ready the new system to “go live”
  • We prepare the various documentation and training materials
  • We train internal trainers and the master users
  • We provide training for all user categories

“Go live” and Support

What it is

We migrate existing data into the new system.

How it happens

We provide user support during the startup phase. We work with you in several ways:

  • Hotline support (first-line)
  • Key users receive coaching on a regular basis and on demand
  • Analysis of overall performance
  • Detection and correction of issues
What we deliver
  • The system goes “live” and users interact with the system as intended
  • The new processes are adopted

Strategic Consulting

What it is

Helping clients leverage their business’s performance by making strategic use of their new solution.

How it happens

We develop and test strategies in order to improve one or more aspects of performance:

  • Optimizing resource use
  • Improving time-to-market
  • Reducing project failure rates
  • Increasing profitability of projects
  • Reducing costs across the board
What we deliver

Strategies are developed and implemented.

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