Process Design

What it is

This is the phase in which we either write or adapt the processes that will describe how to use the new solution as defined in the prototyping phase.

How we do it

Based on the prototype and testing results (by virtue of “use cases”, among other things), we structure the roles and work cycles into processes and sub-processes that describe how the new solution can be used most effectively.

What we deliver

Documents that explain in detail the processes and sub-processes to be used in subsequent phases, one purpose being to customize user training.

Developing Adaptations

What it is

Developing adaptations that will address the solution’s specific use requirements as described in the analysis phase.

How we do it

Based on the specifications defined in the analysis phase, we develop and test the desired adaptations. These adaptations of the standard solution may extend to:

  • User interface (additions / modifications)
  • Functionalities (additions / modifications)
  • Planning engine (adaptations to take into account specific rules)
  • Reporting (additions / modifications)
What we deliver

The plug-in integrating the different remedies is added to the standard solution and the resulting adapted solution is tested on the basis of the “use cases” developed in the prototyping phase.

Interface Development

What it is

We create interface points between the new solution and third-party software and databases with which it has to interact.

How we do it

We develop the desired interface points in the lab.

We prepare data sets for use in interface testing

1) data related to interface points;
2) the “use cases” developed for prototyping

We make the necessary corrections (once again, in the lab) until the integration begins to respond to the prototype’s desired outcomes.

Finally, we install the interface points and plug-ins in the client’s testing framework and we test the integrated solution in order to validate results before moving on to deployment.

What we deliver

The interface points are introduced into the solution and the entire set of changes is tested, validated and readied for the deployment phase.

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