In this new release, we mainly put the focus on the improvement of the user experience.

To do so, we have improved the look & feel, we have expanded the user rights, and created new reports and advanced filters that allow to combine several dimensions of the results.

Besides the improvement of the user experience, we’ve continued reinforcing some of the strongest points of PlanningForce, such as the collaborative workflows, the scheduling engine, the capacity curves, the decision-making processes, the management of big data volumes, …

We have also developed new original features, like the ‘de-synchronization mode’, the validation per period and the Input Gantt.

Last but not least, we’ve increased again the calculation power of the PlanningForce scheduling engine while still reducing the time to display the different views.

Discover hereafter some of those improvements or evolution from a selection of screenshots.

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New Look & Feel

  • Modern coloring code
  • Harmonization of the look & feel accross the different views and modules
  • Reduction of the number of icons
  • Improved reading of the important notions and fields

Examples of views

Task Manager






Manual Gantt


Resource usage report


Project progress (from the operational module)


Simulation Manager


Status Manager



New functionalities

New reports

Comparison achievement / planning from the Operations module


New standard reports from the Analysis module


New access rights for the PMs and RMS

Project Managers (PMs) and Resource Managers (RMs) can now benefit from rights to write or read on all the projects and resources. This will allow them concurrently manage projects and resources (rights to write) and to visualize other projects and resources (right to read). In this new release 3.4, they can also create their own tree-views instead of following the ones that were created by their PMO.


Advanced filters

The planning results can be now filtered thanks to this new functionality. It allows filters concurrently up to four dimensions: projects, project categories, resources and resource categories.


De-synchronization mode

When importing data from external data source (ex: SAP), it is now possible to keep some of the changes that were made in PlanningForce without smashing them with the new import. On the other way round, when updating a data source with PlanningForce data, it is also possible to select which data export and which ones to keep “as is” the external data source.


Input Gantt

This new functionality helps define the activities with more accuracy. From a visual standpoint, it is a Gantt chart, similar to the Output Gantt. The difference, however, is that the Input Gantt is said “at infinite capacity”.

While being “at infinite capacity”, it nevertheless takes into account:

  1. the date constraints on tasks and projects
  2. the applied calendars on tasks and projects

The Input Gantt helps visualize in a realistic way the sequence of tasks without resource limitation. It also shows the potential resource shortage or, the contrary, the periods of under-utilization.


The validation per period

In addition to the task (or project) validation, it is now possible to validate (= freeze) the result of a plan on a specific period of time.


The machines

To distinguish some equipment to other types of resources, the “machine” characteristic will be flagged to resources that need to be allocated on the tasks without interruption. This way of doing avoids to switch the allocation of a machine during the execution of a task, which would more than probably cause extra setup time that prolong the execution of the tasks.


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