PlanningForce’s functions and tools interact in unison, integrating all levels within the organization so that processes can be managed in sound, optimal ways.

Business process optimization

Strategic Steering with PlanningForce

Strategic steering makes it possible to formulate a long-term strategic vision for your business, testing a variety of possible future scenarios and carrying out monitoring of the company’s productivity and resources on a continuous basis.

Tactical Steering with PlanningForce

Tactical steering is at the heart of the value chain. It regulates flow so as to optimize how the chain functions.
Optimizing the value chain means finding work solutions that minimize the cost of how orders are filled, starting the very moment
they enter the system all the way up to delivery.

Operational Steering with PlanningForce

Operational Steering is focused on carrying out business activities in conformity with what was defined at the stage of tactical planning. It consists of the functions of operational planning, management of changes and monitoring.

Other Steering Functions

The other steering functions are support functions for the main functions described hitherto. They involve defining and managing user roles, creating an intelligent data system that is integrated with other information systems sharing the management platform and, finally, they involve managing the solution from the point of view of IT.

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