What is a “Business Planning Solution”?

Business Planning Solution to Plan Projects and Resources

Perhaps you are already familiar with the concept, but let’s review. From a functional point of view, a business planning solution gives the company’s executive officer and its managers a wide range of tools to use for planning, follow-up and analysis. These tools make it possible for them to guide the performance of the company’s value chain along four axes:

  • Strategic
  • Tactical
  • Operational
  • Emergency

Business Planning brings the many stages of your company’s business operations together in a logical, integrated and dynamic way, from the initial calculations of a new business transaction, to production and delivery.

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The Advantages of a Business Planning Solution

Better Resource Utilization

The introduction of stability and realism into the planning solution will have a smoothing effect on workloads and will significantly reduce bottlenecks. By minimizing “bad” stress, you maximize the profitability of your associates’ productive time.

Time-to-Market Acceleration

You will be able to improve how projects are selected, resources are allocated and how change is managed. You will keep your deadlines, build customer satisfaction and bring new products to market more quickly than ever.

Increased Sales Performance

This new-found visibility will let you shorten the duration of sales cycles, help you concentrate on business deals that provide better profit margins, customize your marketing more dynamically, and be more incisive in sales negotiations.

Better Cash Flow Management

Thanks to this new way of viewing your business’s value chain, you will be better at keeping track of cash inflow and outflow, you will reduce work in process, optimize supplies, reduce penalties, consolidate orders and deliveries, and so on.

Better Time Management

You will be able to devote more time to what are high value-added tasks for your business: defining strategies and implementing them.

And Many Other Aspects of Management are Enhanced as well…

By optimizing your business’s planning practices, you improve many operational and commercial aspects that, consequently, strengthen performance, thereby creating a positive feedback loop for your business’s bottom line.


Society has evolved so rapidly and so fundamentally over the past thirty years that few of those working in the business world have had the time to take a much-needed step back in order to develop a strategic vision of the computerization of company operations.

In a knowledge-based society, progress is mostly a virtual phenomenon, since gains in productivity are won primarily either through innovation, through more ideal use of resource potential, or by optimizing the company’s value chain.

Fostering a company’s ability to innovate, allowing employees to realize their full potential, both individually and collectively, and optimizing the company’s performance – these are the key challenges facing company leaders in a knowledge-based society.

To implement a business planning solution is therefore to discover – or rediscover – the forces at work in a company, forces that sometimes exist without us even knowing that they are there, or perhaps we pay little attention to them or they have slowly vanished over time as the result of growth, crises of various kinds, or because of fierce competition.